Tecnos Japan invested in RF Locus with RFID (Electronic Tag) Positioning Patent Technology

– Promote supply chain efficiency through ERP x IoT –

Date: Jun 10, 2019
Source: Tecnos Japan

Tecnos Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takashi Yoshioka, hereafter “Tecnos Japan”, security code 3666) announces that it has invested in RF Lucas Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Kazuya Uetani, hereinafter “RF Lucas”)

The two companies will combine their respective strengths, such as Tecnos Japan’s ERP related system, IoT & blockchain technology, RF Locus RFID (*) technology, etc. to provide new services.

* RFID (radio frequency identifier) exchanges information from an RF tag embedded with ID information by short-distance (several cm to several m depending on frequency bands) wireless communication (non-contact) using electromagnetic fields, radio waves, etc.

Co-creation Image by Tecnos Japan and RF Lucas

Co-creation Image by Tecnos Japan and RF Lucas

Tecnos Japan’s group mission is “Connecting companies, people and data to contribute to the development of society.” In response to the labor shortage of companies and rising needs for work efficiency, we aim to make the entire supply chain visible and efficient. And we are working on “cooperative platform” that can collect and accumulate valuable data by technologies such as IoT and block chains.

In addition, in order to contribute to the business transformation of the company, we analyze the accumulated big data by AI and aim to create a “value chain from valuable data” that makes the best use of data.

RF Locus is a leading company with location-specific patented technology that utilizes UHF band RFID tags (RAIN RFID) that can be read with high accuracy and batch reading. As the RFID field is expected to expand in the future, their technology will significantly improve the accuracy issues that conventional RFID had, and it will be possible to search for products with RFID tags attached and to manage product location automatically. This can be expected to have the effect of saving labor for inventory work and searching product, improving work efficiency, and eliminating labor shortages.

This technology can collect the location information of product as digital data at once with high accuracy. By cooperation this data to the core system in which Tecnos Japan has strengths, a platform developed in-house, etc., we expect to be able to realize automation and efficiency of related operations. We also plan to develop services that contribute to improving the value of users by analyzing collected data. The two companies will share technologies with each other and promote new service co-creation in conjunction with the “expansion of RFID use for efficiency of the entire supply chain” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

President Yoshioka Takashi, CEO of Tecnos Japan, commented as follows.
“The Company has set” LEAD THE CONNECTED SOCIETY TO THE FUTURE “in its group vision and is working on promoting digital transformation related businesses. By collaborating with RF Lucas, we aim to be a service that can contribute to the improvement of customer supply chain efficiency. ”

Kazuya Uetani, Director of RF Locus, commented as follows.
“We have a vision “Automation of Everything”, and through the fusion of RFID and advanced technology, we expand the potential of technology to visualize things and people’s locations and movements as data and make optimal use of management and resources. We will work to realize our vision through co-creation of new services with Tecnos Japan. ”

About Tecnos Japan Co., Ltd.
Tecnos Japan Co., Ltd. is an independent IT service group that includes five consolidated subsidiaries. The company has a group mission of “connecting companies, people and data to contribute to the development of society” and provides a series of services ranging from planning and drafting of information systems (consulting) to analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance. Tecnos Japan operates on two main pillars: ERP-related business and Digital Transformation (DX) -related business, and there are more than 220 client companies that have introduced these systems.

About RF Locus Co., Ltd.
RF Locus Co., Ltd. is a start-up company that aims to improve product management efficiency, save labor and improve traceability, centering on RFID x AI x Robot. We are engaged in research and development of location technology in UHF band RFID (RAIN RFID) and design, manufacture and sales of related hardware and software, as well as RAIN RFID / IoT related software contract development and consulting services.