Long-Term Management Vision

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Date: Dec 28, 2017
Source: Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc.

Growth Strategy

At the time of our founding, we focused on the usefulness of ERP ahead of other companies, and since then we have been striving to accumulate fundamental technologies while providing ICT services centered on ERP. Next, we started the big data business so that we can respond quickly to the needs of enterprise data analysis, and now we have expanded our group business.
In the future, we will refine our own technologies by using ERP and big data as the pillars of our basic business, and by combining them will build a competitive advantage. On the other hand, we will accelerate efforts to overseas markets, introduce overseas venture products and technologies to the domestic market, and promote global business activities by concentrating on support business for overseas Japanese.
And utilizing the strengths of the ERP business and big data business, we commence our efforts towards the “smart & digitization” area as a creation of new value, aiming for further growth.

Contribution to Smart & Digitization

In recent years, paradigm shifts such as IT companies sweeping the markets of other operating companies are occurring in the world, and we consider that is due to technological progress such as cloud, smart devices, artificial intelligence, consumer driven market driven market development.
In the Japanese domestic market, a declining birthrate and a declining birthrate and a declining production population and a declining consumer population have arisen and strengthening global competitiveness through ICT is an urgent issue for each company.
We will contribute to “smart & digitization” to support the growth strategy of customers with these issues.

Contribution to Smart & Digitization

We focus on the following three areas as an approach to “smart & digitization” that utilizes the strengths of ERP business and big data business, aiming for further growth.

  1. Smart Factory
    Automation and efficiency improvement of supply chain from production site
    – Key of ICT technology: IoT (Internet of Things)
  2. Smart Office
    Automation and efficiency improvement of indirect business of companies
    – Key of ICT technology: RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  3. Smart Contract
    Standardization, automation, efficiency improvement of contracts and settlements such as intercompany transactions and financial institution transactions
    – Key ICT technology: Blockchain

In addition, as the above business develops, importance and needs for security will further increase, and our efforts on information security will be further strengthened.