TDSE’s FinTech Strategy with Fisco

Artificial Intelligence Engine scorobo @ for Fintech – First round of stock price forecast AI evaluation and future development

Date: Apr 17, 2017
Source: Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc.

Technos Data Science Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoshihiko Shiroya, hereinafter “TDSE”) and Fisco (listed on JASDAQ, Securities Code “3807”, Headquarters: Minato- President: Hitoshi Kano, hereinafter “Fisco”) is starting the first forecast stock price AI which is the artificial intelligence engine scorobo @ for Fintech (*1 *2) from January, and we will report on the evaluation of active analysts based on the operation results of about three months and the AI business that we are going to pursue in the field of FinTech.

TDSE and Fisco utilize the stock price forecasting system “Scorobo @ for Fintech” and offer AI special issue report (*3) which selected the stocks expected to rise for individual investors as the first service.Specifically, the subjects to be analyzed are financial information on listed stocks, stock price information, economic indicator data, more than 20 themes gazing at Fisco analysts, more than 1,000 issues. Then, Fisco analysts select the stocks recommended by AI from the stocks that predicted price-earnings ratio, and the report is delivered.

The feature of this service is that the walls of ‘analytical volume and quality depth’ where each analyst has limitations broke down the wall by making use of artificial intelligence. By using AI, it is a great effect that analysts were able to spend about 30-50% of the time required for selecting brands.
“Scorobo @ for Fintech” can predict one week, two weeks, four weeks after the calculation reference date, and it seems that accuracy will increase day by day learning price movements, so for the selection of stocks Analysts are also evaluating that sensitivity to predict market trends is high. As analysts were able to reduce the time and effort involved in selecting stocks, they were able to devote more time to deeper analysis.

Until March 2007, we sold reports for club fisco members on a single occasion, but from this April we will sell packages for annual contracts and semi-annual contracts and further enhance the services for individual investors. We are also promoting tie-up service with newspaper companies and financial information magazine media etc. Although we have delivered five reports so far, as an example of the stock selected so far, the Datasection Inc. <3905> released on 16th January, BrainPad Inc. <3655>, E-Guardian Inc. <6050> It is a good result as it is a rise of more than 20% and the TOPIX rate of rise in the same period was about 3%. After that, BroadBand Tower, Inc. <3776> released on February 3 formed a steady stock price upward trend, exceeding the 20% increase rate. For the fifth release released on March 21, too, Extreme Co., Ltd. <6033> and Allied Architects, Inc. <6081> showed a rise of more than 10% against TOPIX’s high period value of 0.3%.

The major feature of this report is that “AI special issue report” combines knowledge of analysts with multiple candidate stocks selected by utilizing AI. For brands we are predicting 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and we have boasted stable performance up to now in the same period.

Release Date Trading name Code Opening Price
(Delivery Next Day)
High Price Date Decline Rate TOPIX High Period Value Decline Rate
01/16 E-Guardian 6050 1,645 2,072 1/31 26.0% 1525.87 1575.21 3.2%
01/16 BrainPad 3655 1,457 1,767 1/27 21.3% 1525.87 1575.21 3.2%
01/16 Datasection 3905 758 919 2/3 21.2% 1525.87 1575.21 3.2%
01/16 Advanced Media 3773 876 1,015 2/27 15.9% 1528.89 1578.51 3.2%
01/16 SIOS 3744 1,074 1,208 2/2 12.5% 1528.89 1578.51 3.2%
02/06 BROADBAND TOWER 3776 268 332 2/21 23.9% 1554.20 1578.51 1.6%
02/06 PLATZ 7813 2,899 3,390 2/23 16.9% 1554.20 1578.51 1.6%
02/17 Asukanet 2438 2,110 2,488 3/28 17.9% 1540.04 1578.51 2.5%
02/17 Mynet 3928 3,280 3,815 2/28 16.3% 1540.04 1578.51 2.5%
02/17 Silver Egg Technology 3961 3,115 3,610 3/13 15.9% 1540.04 1578.51 2.5%
03/04 OPT Holding 2389 1,015 1,109 3/29 9.3% 1554.20 1578.51 1.6%
03/21 textream 6033 2,554 2,875 3/31 12.6% 1560.62 1565.92 0.3%
03/21 Allied Architects 6081 3,495 3,860 3/23 10.4% 1560.62 1565.92 0.3%

Table: Performance result from AI special issue report

Both companies will continue to strengthen tie-ups in the FinTech business. Specifically, we would like to build services for customers by utilizing macroeconomic market forecast AI, company diagnosis AI (company credit evaluation), robot adviser AI (investment trust and ETF portfolio construction) We are pursuing discussions with multiple banks and securities companies to introduce them. We will realize the evolution of the service model utilizing AI, the growth spiraling concept that society and AI coexist and co-prosper, complement each other.

*1: Scorobo @ (Scorobo) is an artificial intelligence (AI) product with TDSE’s proprietary algorithm. Generic name of AI service which utilizes optimal algorithm technology from sensor data obtained through ScoroboIoT, attribute data and behavior data of people and goods, market data and open data etc. Currently, we will develop the OmniScorobo series according to industry type and business type.

*2: Scorobo @ for Fintech is an artificial intelligence engine that uses dozens of stock investment logic, over 1,000 stock market indices, and various information of all listed companies, which were created by experienced analysts of Fiscal.

*3: AI special issue report
Summary: Artificial Intelligence (AI) × Analyst “Analysis of Club Fisco AI Special Issue Report”
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