The Tenos Group has “Autonomy and Fusion” as the group theme, and we will expand our business with the following three axes.


As the core service of the Tenos Group, we provide information system solution services such as information system consulting of client companies and planning, development and maintenance of CT solutions mainly for ERP, promote smart & digitization for client companies.

The feature is to expand business by ERP, Big Data and Global required for innovation business utilizing big data technology such as AI and IoT etc. in a system suitable (Smart Factory, Smart Office, Smart Contract) for client’s needs.


Tecnos Okinawa is positioned as Okinawa with the Asia Economic Strategy Initiative as a hub base with Asia and is responsible for the nearshore development of the Tecnos Group. The company has inherited the development know-how of Tecnos Japan with 20 years of SAP system introduction experience and is developing services related to programming development and system operation and maintenance in Japan and Asian markets.


Founded in Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area in 2017, TGCA (Tecnos Global Company of America) conducts research related to IT and investment abroad.

We are operating the following services mainly.

  • Provide business support for overseas venture products and services to the Japanese market

  • Collaboration with overseas companies including Japanese affiliates to develop new products or improve existing products and services
  • Providing overseas business development services to Japanese companies and ventures