Our Tecnos Global Company of America is based in the US Silicon Valley and has been active since 2017 as a hub for establishing global support for our customer and global collaboration with our business partners. We provide services such as ICT system services and big data analysis which are core business of our group companies.

Tecnos Global Company of America’s most important mission is support customer’s digital transformation to keep competitive edge.
We utilize our strength in Japan market presence, and our ICT system integration with data science capability, to provide total solution to our customer with business partners.

  • Develop strategical partnership with solution companies
  • Support and collaboration with customer interested to adapt latest technologies
  • Research and development of new products and services
  • ICT system integration/consultation services focusing for enterprise


Our company consists of four companies: Tecnos Japan, Okinawa Tecnos, TGCA (Tecnos Global Company of America), Lirik, and Inc. and we consistently provide IT consulting and ICT solutions centered on ERP from development to operation.

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Tecnos Global Company of America - Milestones 2018

Tecnos Japan have more than 20 years experience in ERP related services, and provides system integration services such as strategic ICT consulting to implementation of solution include with operation and maintenance for customer.

Okinawa Tecnos has an office in Okinawa located at the southernmost tip of Japan and is in charge of offshore and nearshore development mainly for SAP products as a base with various countries in Asia.

Tecnos Global Company of America

Tecnos Global Company of America (TGCA)’s activity are research and analysis of advanced ICT technology, and promoting international alliances with enterprise who has with advanced technology.

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Lirik, Inc. is a Cloud Solution Provider that integrate systems mainly in Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Lirik has pioneered a global service delivery model that combines offshore development centers in India with onsite project management, discovery, and architecture capabilities.


2006, 2019

Lirik, a consolidated subsidiary of Tecnos Japan, opens a new office in Vancouver, Canada as a new base in North America

June 20th, 2019|

Lirik, a consolidated subsidiary of Tecnos Japan, opens a new office in Vancouver, Canada as a new base in North America Date: Jun 20, 2019 Source: Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc. Lirik Software Services Canada 100% subsidiary of [...]